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The history of the Gutshaus Parin

The Gutshaus of Parin was built in 1958, when Karl Dahlmann was tenant of the Gutshaus.
The construction of the Gutshaus was in context with the management of Parin by an own tenant, who needed arepresentative abdore.
The Gutshaus , wich reminds of a farmhouse by the way how it's built, was surrounded by farm buildings, that were necessary for agronomy.
The Gutshaus is a single floor building, wich seems to be a two floor building on the back in the direction of the pond.
Especially eye catching is the construction of a light trench on the front of the Gutshaus, wich caters for the incidence of light in the cellar.
The Gutshaus was used as a residence for families during the DDR time and therefor was enlarged in the 1980s.
The Gutshaus was still used as a residence after the german reunification 1989, but was vacant since 2003 and was exposed to the weather while the house was for sale by the commune.
The Gutshaus Parin was bought 2007 by Gertrud Cordes, manageress of the "Bio- und Gesundheitshotels Stellshagen" and was restored 2008 and transformed into a Bio-hotel.
The topping out ceremony for the "Hotel Gutshaus Parin" was on the 14th of November 2008.

The actual function as a hotel started on the 13th of December 2009.
You can also book at the Gutshaus Stellshagen.


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